Aimee Marsh

School Teacher, Chester

I started seeing Lee due to persistent hip and back pain. He always takes the time to listen about any problem areas and explains what he can do to help ease them with his vast knowledge and experience.

Lee also gives great after care advice and techniques for reducing any reoccurring problems. After years of pain, Lee has worked absolute miracles on my back!


Jamie Davin

Manager, Ellesmere Port

After having reservations about massages, Lee made the whole experience very relaxing and reassuring. He patiently went through the massage procedure with me and answered any questions I had before we began.

There was no rushing and Lee worked around my issues, primarily being extremely ticklish on my sides. I’ve had serious problems with this but he was very patient and helped ease my anxiety with his professionalism and expertise.

Very happy overall and will definitely be back for more.


Rebecca Gray

RAF Mechanical Transport Driver, Elton, Cheshire

After persistent pain in my shoulder and back from rugby and boxing training, I visited Lee at Handbridge Therapies to see if he could relieve the tension. He was extremely professional and assessed my needs with a simple consultation and got to work on the injured area.

The relief was instant, my muscles felt looser and my mobility increased allowing me to move my shoulder and neck with no pain.

Lee also provided me with after care advice and suggested techniques to prevent tension build up in the future. I would highly recommend Handbridge Therapies to anyone with similar needs.


Jamie Baker

Butcher, Chester

Working in the food industry means I’m on my feet most of the day, often leant awkwardly over preparation areas. Over time this has caused regular discomfort in my back which had started to become quite uncomfortable, my doctor advised me to visit a massage therapist for further advice and any required treatment.

Following this advice I decided to visit Lee and explain my problems, he was well aware of my symptoms and how common they are within my industry. We decided to go ahead with the therapy and the results have been great. Lee Identified several large knots in the muscles down one side of my back and began to treat them using a number of massage techniques. 6 sessions later and the knots we’re cleared along with the discomfort.


Chris Jones

Mechanic, Conwy

I injured my back at the gym a few years ago. Since then I have had recurrent nerve injuries that caused me severe pain and discomfort. When I first approached Lee, I was a little sceptical but he assessed my problem and assured me he could help.

Through several intensive sessions, Lee identified muscles in my back that were causing my pain and massaged out the knots. The advice Lee gave me and the aftercare has enabled me to be pain free since I started my sessions. I now need to see Lee on a less regular basis, and he can focus more on the relaxing side of massage!

Iain Pritchard

Company Director, Oswestry

I began sessions with Lee in August 2017 and continue to do so sometimes having 2 a week.
Doing a lot of driving with my business and being an active gym goer, Lee has had the ability to maintain my body physically through massage as well as providing aftercare advice which I carry out at home and at the gym. Along with my healthy lifestyle and the sessions with Lee, I feel great overall.